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    In powder two different dimensions in the mixing process can be determined: convective mixing and intensive mixing In the case of convective mixing material in the mixer is transported from one location to another. This type of mixing leads to a less ordered state inside the mixer, the components that must be mixed are distributed over the other components. With progressing time the mixture becomes more randomly ordered. After a certain mixing time the ultimate random state is reached. Usually this type of mixing is applied for free-flowing and coarse materials. Possible threat during macro mixing is the de-mixing of the components, since differences in size, shape or density of the different particles can lead to segregation.

    • General Description
    • Application feacture
    • Specification

    General Description:

    • All contact parts of the mixing bowl and beater are made out of S.S 316. Scrapping bladers can also be provided if required.
    • The mixing bowl can be jacketed for electric/ steam/thermic fluid heating.
    • Ideal equipment for small batch sizes.
    • Manual lifting arrangement for agitator up to 50 lits and motorized lifting arrangements for capacities of 100 litters and above can be provided.
    • The top of the mixing bowl has an S.S. lid with a charging hole.
    • The mixing bowl is provided with castor wheels and locking system for easy handling and transportation.
    • VSHSE option can be provided.

    Application feactures:

    • Powder to powder mixing
    • Dry powder to wet paste for wet granulation.

    Specification :

    Model No Dry Capacity (kg) Total Capacity (kg) Motor (hp)
    UNIPLM-10 1 2 1
    UNIPLM-20 2 4 1.5
    UNIPLM-30 3 6 2
    UNIPLM-50 8 16 3
    UNIPLM-90 15 30 5
    UNIPLM-140 25 50 7.5

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