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    S.B. Panchal & Co. manufactures full range of Fluid Bed Processing systems ranging from contemporary Fluid Bed Dryers to state of the art Fluidized Bed Coating and Granulating Systems.

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    General Description :

    Wurster Coaters applies to a smaller range of pellets. This type of coating method is frequently used for applications in which a large amount of coating or drug layer is applied to a substrate.

    A special designed partition is made for coating very fine, cohesive powder. Wurster fluid bed coating processcan provide a film coat of the highest quality and uniformity compared to other techniques. This uniformity can minimize coating thickness requirements, further reducing the amount of coating materials needed and the processing time.

    The Wurster coating process can be applied to a range of core materials in numerous particle sizes and shapes. The process is flexible enough to coat small particles for use in capsules and tablets, as well as coating the full capsules and tablets. Coating capabilities extend all the way to coating soft gels capsules, extruded materials, powders, crystals and granules. No matter the shape—spherical, crystalline, irregular, amorphous—the Wurster process is capable of creating a unique formulation to achieve the desired properties.

    Optional Features :

    • Option of 21cfr part 11 compliance control system.
    • Explosion Isolation valve.
    • Quick acting safety valves for isolation
    • Vaccuum transfer system for loading and unloading

    Applications :

    1. Pharmaceutical Formulation and Bulk drugs
      Eg. Sustain Release, Enteric Release Coating on tablets.
    2. Organic and Inorganic chemicals
    3. Agrochemicals and fertilizers.
    4. Nutraceuticals and Biotech Products
    5. Speciality chemicals
    6. R & D Institutes and colleges

    Specification :

    MODEL Unifluid Mini Unifluid 1.1 Unifluid 3.1 Unifluid 5 Unifluid 10 Unifluid 30 Unifluid 60 Unifluid 120 Unifluid 200 Unifluid 300 Unifluid 500
    Capacity in Kgs at 0.6 gm/cc Bulk Density 50 gm-200 gm 300gm-1kg 1kg-3 kg 1 kg – 5 kg 3kg-10kg 30 60 100 200 300 500
    Total Volume of Product
    Capacity in Litres
    500ml 5 15 22 45 125 250 500 800 1100 1300
    Compressed Air required in CFM
    6 9 15 25 30 30 30 95 95 200
    Heating Load in K.W. 2 4.5 6 9 12 NA NA NA NA NA NA
    Blower Motor H.P.* 0.5 1 3 5 10 20 30 40 50 60 75
    * *NA – Not Applicable
    *CFM – Cubic Feet per minute

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