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    General Description:

    Spray Drying is a unique method to convert a solution, suspension or emulsion into a solid powder in one single process step. It is a widely established process in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemical or material science.

    Spray Drying consists of three basic steps, drying begins with atomization of a liquid feed into a spray of fine droplets. The spray is then contacted with, and suspended by, a heated gas stream, allowing the liquid to evaporate and leave the dried solids in essentially the same size and shape as the atomized droplet. Finally, the dried powder is separated from the gas stream and collected. The spent drying gas is treated to meet environmental requirements and then exhausted to the atmosphere or, in some cases, recirculated to the system.

    Optional features:

    • 0.3 Micron HEPA filter for inlet air
    • Insert Nitrogen closed loop drying
    • Low temperature & RH drying using dehumidifier
    • Spray chilling module
    • Fully automatic process operation using PLC and touchscreen Man machine Interface.
    • Data logging and printing facility available.


    • Isolation of Pharmceuticals Active Agents
    • Micro- encapsulation of aromas
    • Gentle drying of natural products
    • Spray drying from solutions
    • Structure modifications
    • Drying of suspensions
    • Agglomeration
    • Spray Crystallization/Spray Congealling
    • Micro-encapsulation and coating

    Specification :

    Capacity 1 liter per hour
    Blower H.P. 0.5
    Heating Capacity 1.5 K.W
    Inlet Air Filteration HEPA Filter
    Size Requirements (mm) 1500 (H) *1000 (W)*1000(D)

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