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    Many solid pharmaceutical dosage mediums are produced with coatings, either on the external surface of tablets, or on materials dispensed within gelatine capsules.
    Coating serves a number of purposes:

    • The core contains a substance which imparts a bitter taste in the mouth or has an unpleasant odour.
    • The core contains a substance which is unstable in the presence of light and subject to atmospheric oxidation. i.e. a coating is added to improve stability.
    • The core is pharmaceutically inelegant.
    • The active substance is coloured and migrates easily to stain patient’s clothes and hands.
    • The coated tablets are packed on a high-speed packaging unit. The coating reduces friction and increases the production rate.
    • To modify the drug release profile e.g. enteric coating, sustained release coating, osmotic pumps. etc.
    • Separates incompatible substances by using the coat to contain one of them or coating a pellet which is subsequently compressed into a core before coating.

    The process can be broken down into three different groups:

    • Sugar coating (any mixtures of purified water, cellulose derivatives, polyvinyl, gums and sugar)
    • Film Coating (purified water, cellulose derivatives)
    • Particulate / Pellet Coating

    Coating Machines


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