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    Description :

    S.B. Panchal & Co’s “UNICOAT” series of TABLET COATING SYSTEM consists of main perforated pan coating chamber in process area along with solution tank , spraying pump and a flameproof operating panel. Air Handling unit for suction and exhaust are mounted in service area along with dust collector or wet scrubber.


    • The core contains a substance which imparts a bitter taste in mouth or has unpleasant odour.
    • To modify drug release profile e.g. sustained release, enteric coating, osmotic pumps etc
    • The core is pharmaceutically inelegant
    • Core contains a substance which is unstable in the presence of light and subject to atmospheric oxidation
    • The active substance is colored and migrates easily to stain patients hands and clothes
    • Separates incompatible substances by using the coat to contain one of them General Description

    General Description:

    • Designed to confirm cGMP norms
    • S.S. 304 Outer Chamber reinforced with Structural Steel
    • Low Vibration Design
    • Radial Corner for easy cleaning
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Completely enclosed design with leak proof doors

    Optional features:

    • Imported Spray Nozzle (Spraying Systems –USA ; Shlick-Germany)
    • Imported Peristaltic Pump (Watson Marlow)
    • Options of Recipe Handling
    • Option of CFR Part 11 compliance
    • Flameproof panel in process area


    Capacity in Kilograms 10-15 50-75 120-150 300-350
    Drum Diameter in mm 610 915 1220 1525
    Drum RPM 6-24 3-15 3-15 2-11
    Total Electric Load in K.W. 5 10 15 35
    Compressed Air 6 Bar - 45 CFM* 6 bar- 65 CFM* 6 bar 85 CFM* 6 bar 125 CFM*
    Steam Consumption Kgs/Hour 45 110 145 450
    Steam Pressure Kgs/cm2 3 3 3 4
    Electrical Heating Option K.W. 11 30 36 160

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